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Padmashree Institute of Management Studies inception has been a major force in the dissemination of knowledge. “PADMASHREE-Journal of Management”, with ISSN Num - 2231-2145, a biannual journal of articles and papers based on empirical research, experience or on a high level of conceptualization contributed by faculty and students. The articles relate to different facets of Economy, Management, Commerce, Business Practices, Technology Management etc. The Corporate Professionals also write their account of experiences, reflexes in the form of Case Studies for favor of publication in the Journal. The goal of this initiative is to give the readers an in-depth insight into various facets of management viz. - strategy, finance, marketing, human resources and live projects. And also encourage students and provide an enjoyable as well as a learning experience in research.
The National Level Seminar held annually provides an excellent platform for knowledge sharing among academicians, industrialists and students

1. Biz Veda '09 focused on “Global Financial Crisis and challenges for corporate sector” held at Yavanika Auditorium on 18th March 2009

2. Biz Veda '10 focused on “Role of FDI's in Indian Economy” organized on 27th March 2010 with great fervor in the Padmashree Campus and released a journal by name “PADMASHREE-Journal of Management

3. Biz Veda '11 focused on “Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies” held at Padmashree Campus on 26th March 2011

4. Biz Veda '12 focused on “European Debt Crisis and its impact on Indian Economy” held at Padmashree Campus on 31st March 2012

5. Biz Veda '13 focused on “New Business Prospects, Practices and its challenges in Emerging Economies” held at Padmashree Campus on 6th April 2013

6. Biz Veda '14 focused on “Rupee Slide - Its impact on Indian Economy” held at Padmashree Campus on 26th April 2014

7. Biz Veda '15 focused on “Micro and Macro Economic effects of Crude Oil Price Changes on Indian Economy” held at Padmashree Campus on 16th May 2015
Padmashree Institute of Management Studies includes personality development workshops as a mandatory practice for all the students which trains and grooms the students and makes them ready to enter into the corporate world. For each semester two workshops are designed which includes various sessions based on over all personality development.

1. A Session on Global Financial Crisis by Mr. Rajiv Gowda, An IIM Faculty

2. A Session on Financial Aspects by Mr. Gowrish Kumar Kateel, An IIM Faculty

3. Personality Development Programme by Mrs. Suchin, HR Manager – Wipro, Mr K S Mohan Kumar, Mr D K Sriram

4. Evolution and Growth of Wipro – A Case Study Discussion, also Expectations of Industry from Management Students by Mr Dilip Kumar Thakur

5. Interview Preparation, Importance of practicality on subjects, Practical interview demonstration by Mr. Arvind Gururaj from JP Morgan Chase

6. Personality Development Sessions by Mr. G Kalyana Sundaram, Mr. B N Krishna Prasad, Mr. Vineeth Srivastava

7. Motivational Sessions by Mr. G R Ramanath, Mr. P Giridhar

8. Personality Development Sessions by Mr. Santosh Kumar Gupta

9. A Session on Money Laundering by Mr. Sharath N Rai

10. Workshop on Unleash Your Success by Mr. Devdutt Gore, Manager, Corporate HRD, Wipro Technologies Ltd.

11. A Workshop on "Creating a Powerful Future“ by Mr. S. K. Rao, GM-Sales & Marketing, Centum Electronics Ltd.
Events held at PIMS are evidence to its student focused approach. The academic year begins with great pomp and glory with the ‘Padmashree Carnival’. Organized by the Management. The week long ceremony is multitude in nature varying from management contests, sports to cultural activities providing an ideal platform for students to showcase their talents.

The inter college event Management Fest attracts large participation from different management institutes. Every aspect of the event- planning, organizing and executing is handled by students with rigorous involvement and commitment.

The campus hosts numerous "corporate interactions" involving top level executives from various sectors such as banking, advertising, aviation, manufacturing and services among others. These sessions cover issues ranging from industry best practices, innovation in organizations and global challenges faced by the corporate world, to opportunities in the advertising sector and banking and quality approaches to management. Number of guest lectures and case study sessions are conducted throughout the year.

The Students are encouraged to participate in State and Regional level intercollegiate Management, Cultural festivals and Sports meet.

Personality development workshops are conducted by renowned trainers and Corporate leaders from J.P Morgan Chase, Wipro, AMBA research, SEBI, LAPP India, etc in areas like Industry Expectations, Goal Setting, Enhancing Creative thinking, Attitude etc. The institute provides every opportunity to develop skills necessary for students to step into their careers with confidence.
Research Projects are part time projects, which offer a unique platform and opportunity for the students, to work on company projects from the campus itself. Students undertake research projects, providing valuable insights and inputs across categories and sectors to the corporate. The research carried out by them help companies to understand their markets better, anticipate change, respond to market forces, identify and exploit opportunities and also devise solutions to solve business problems. We have undertaken projects in reputed organizations like ICICI, Coca Cola, Reitzel India, Standard Chartered, UB, Oracle and many more.

We also conduct Alumni Meets to bring our old students on the same platform again and to share and rekindle the spirit of camaraderie.